Nominated :: Modern Luxury First Annual Diamond Awards, Best Candid Photograph

I’m excited to share the news that I was nominated for a Modern Luxury Diamond Award for Best Candid Photograph for this image from Ceci & Phil’s Summerour wedding. Prior to capturing this frame, I had been exposing images with off-camera flash and felt dissatisfied with the fine-but-not-wow results. The exposure was correct, but the overall look was flat and boring. I saw the touching moments developing between Ceci & Phil during the toasts and I knew I had to better portray how it felt to observe them ‘alone in a room full of people’. I switched my flash connection off, went to low ambient light settings, and waited for the next intimate exchange between them. I love all the pretty that goes into weddings, I love high style and the many attentive details that set the tone for an event, but moments like this are what I personally care about the most and strive to make the foundation of my style.